Ecommerce Tips: 6 Useful Tips for NEW Start Up Businessses

Ecommerce Tips: 6 Useful Tips for NEW Start Up Businessses

In the years to come, the ecommerce economy is expected to continuing expanding and growing. As an entrepreneur, you see this opportunity as a very promising and intriguing one.¬†Whether you’re an ecommerce business owner already or thinking of starting your own ecommerce business, there is no better time than now to start! Although the ecommerce sector is expected to grow in the following years,you can only expect to see results of you approach it in the right way. Here’s some tips you should focus on for the ultimate ecommerce success.

1. Don’t Rush It

This is one big mistake most entrepreneurs make. People often rush the launch of their websites, which isn’t always the best idea. You only get one chance at launching your website and it is crucial that you do not mess it up. It is okay if you have already bought your domain name and have some kind of teaser “Coming Soon” page that you can share with your viewers. However, you should keep the big reveal until you have done all your research and ground work (social media, content marketing, SEO, paid ads and etc).

2. Focus On The User

The biggest disadvantage of an ecommerce business is the inability to let your customers touch or try the product before making a purchase from you. While most customers would very much prefer to touch and try the products before making a purchase, you can compensate for this deficiency in other areas of the business. For example, since they are not able to feel the product, it is best if you describe the product with the utmost detail. You could also take very detailed pictures and show your potential customers. Some other tips to are to give free shipping, offer appropriate pricing and making the navigation and check out process easy.

3. Focus On Social Media

Social media today is the heart of all businesses, as it gives you the chance to share endlessly with your customers. Of course this doesn’t only work one way, as a business you will also be able to see into your customers lives. Social media gives businesses and their customers a gateway to communicate with one another. Customers often take to social media to share their experiences they have had with a certain company or a certain product and you as a business can see if your customers are happy or not. A social media manager is strongly suggested or if you could handle it yourself that would be fine too.

Check out Instantestore’s infographic on Social Media Tips¬†.

4. Social Elements On Your Webpage

It is all the rage now that business incorporate their social media pages onto their ecommerce sites. Things like product reviews/testimonials from happy customers show that your company is legit and trustworthy. You could also add follow buttons so that customers can follow you on your social media channels.

5. Stay On Top of SEO

As the ecommerce sector grows every year, there are more and more business that will be entering the market. This just means that you need to be on top of your SEO more than ever in order to not drown in the crowd. You could potentially get a professional in SEO to do it for you or you could do it yourself.

6. Continue Improving

Last but definitely not least, never stop improving your business. Technology, trends and consumer wants are constantly changing and for you to succeed you have to be changing with them too and still be relevant in the market.





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